Maynooth Cycling Campaign Notes – June 2017  

Bikeweek 2017

            Sunday 11th June   Leixlip Heritage Trail

            Saturday 17th June            Family BioCycle along the Royal Canal

            Both events will start at 2:30pm from Courthouse Square Maynooth

This year the two key events are the Heritage Cycle on Sunday 11th June which leaves from Courthouse Square at 2:30pm for the Leixlip Heritage Trail. This is a different trail from Arthur’s Way and after cycling to Leixlip, will consist of a walk around Leixlip town centre and the Rye Valley. The second key event is a Family BioCycle along the Royal Canal on Saturday 17th June with local ecologist Karen Moore. Karen will be identifying points of interest along the canal east of Maynooth so come along and will find out what it is about canals that makes them so important to our natural landscape.

Straffan Road Cycle Tracks

On Friday 5th May, a group of some 12-15 boys and girls was observed cycling on the Straffan Road. They were of primary school age and were accompanied by what appeared to be a member of the Garda Siochana and some other adults who were probably parents or teachers.  They obviously share the concerns of Maynooth Cycling Campaign about the quality of cycle facilities as none of them were using the new cycle tracks.

Kildare Cycle Forum

There has been much comment in the media about the election of a Saudi Arabian representative on a UN committee for women’s rights and whether or not a Saudi representative would really be in favour of progressing women’s rights. It seems that we have our own version in Kildare. After three years of this county council, it is understood that a meeting of the Kildare Cycling Forum has finally taken place. However, no cycling representatives have been asked to take part and the word on the street is that the chair, Cllr. Darren Scully, does not want any. Could he be related to the Saudi representative?

Dealing with Chasing Dogs

A look back at the past can throw up some amusing opinions. This is even true of the Maynooth Newsletter and it need not be the distant past. In the May 2005 edition under the title of Useful Tips, there was advice on how cyclists and joggers should deal with chasing dogs.

The advice ranged from

  • Carry a folded umbrella to open in the animal’s face.
  • Try squirting the dog in its eyes with your water bottle.
  • Keep dog treats such as dog biscuits in your pocket.
  • Speak to the dog in a commanding but calm tone.
  • Draw the owner’s attention to the fact that his /her dog is a nuisance.

So all those people who took part in the recent Maynooth 5K/10K, we hope that you didn’t forget to bring your umbrella and to the Maynooth cycling community, you have been advised!

Threats to Cyclists

Recent remarks by the journalist Paul Williams on Newstalk radio where he threatened any cyclist touching his car while he was driving have been condemned by cyclist representatives.  Maynooth Cycling Campaign considers the remarks reprehensible in the light of increasing cyclist fatalities. While (the vast majority of) motorists do not go out to intentionally kill or harm cyclists, the remarks give support to a growing intolerance by a minority of drivers to cyclists on the road. Maynooth Cycling Campaign also condemns the failure of the Road Safety Authority (RSA) and Shane Ross, the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport to take any effective action to counteract the increasing fatalities.

Maynooth Cycling Campaign is a non-party political cycling advocacy group. Further information on meetings and activities is available on our website.

We are affiliated to, the Irish Cyclist Advocacy Network and through it to the European Cycling Federation.



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