Kilcock Road Worse for Cyclists

Kildare County Council has recently made changes to the Kilcock Road at Laraghbryan which not only fail to attract new cyclists but also makes the situation worse for existing cyclists so for anyone who cycles or would like to cycle, it is a case of ‘Lose Lose’.

17 Nov Kilcock Road

They do not seem to realise that the Department of Transport stopped funding the conversion of hard shoulders for cycling some four or five years ago and that Irish, UK and Dutch standards recommend that cyclists are segregated on roads where the speed limit is 60kph or higher.  The result of the changes is that drivers expect cyclists to use the hard shoulder and some cyclists have been blown at for exercising their right to cycle on the ‘road’.

The Electric Car- Panacea for Modern Ills?

Some twenty years ago, it was cars which ran on lead free petrol. Five or six years ago, car salesmen were promising that diesel engines were the future rather than greenhouse gas producing petrol engines. Now they are hyping electric cars as the new improved environmentally friendly car. What will Mill Street look like full of electric cars? Well actually exactly the same as it looks full of cars powered by petrol or diesel engines. In a recent article, Prof Frank Kelly of Kings College London says “Fewer not cleaner vehicles are needed” and has warned that the UK government already accepts there is no safe limit for the tiny pollution particles from brake and tyre dust.

 Budget 2018

. In October, the government announced the budget for 2018. Maynooth Cycling Campaign and other cycling groups had been looking for 10% of the land transport budget (€165Million) to be allocated to cycling or at least the announcement of a roadmap towards that target. What was the outcome? Well the Minister has allocated €110 for walking and cycling over four years which amounts to an average annual allocation of €27.5M. So how much will the Minister give to cycling? Who knows? He could give €27 Million to cycling and €0.5 Million to walking. Then again, he could €0.5 Million to cycling and €27 Million to walking. Or he could nothing in the first three years and backload cycling in year 4. Like any three card trick, the viewer has to try to guess where the Queen (ie money) is.

In Sweden the government has just announced that they will be providing €35M per year until 2020 just to promote (electric) e- bikes. Transport is one of the main causes of increasing greenhouse gases which lead to climate change and weather extremes. The lack of joined up thinking between our pattern of travel and global warming is astonishing. Expect more storms.

Maynooth Cycling Campaign is a non-party political cycling advocacy group. Further information on meetings and activities is available on our website. We are affiliated to, the Irish Cycling Advocacy Network and through it to the European Cycling Federation. Membership is FREE. If you want to support our work, just email your contact details to .


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